Same Day Denture Repair in Bristol

As a denture wearer, you will know how important it is to feel comfortable with your smile. If you cast your mind back to before you got false teeth you will probably remember with horror how you tried to hide your teeth. So, once you have your false teeth you won’t ever have to worry about your smile again. Dentures will last at least a decade if you look after them properly. They can break however and in this case you will need same day denture repair in Bristol.

Being without your teeth is something you want to avoid. So, you don’t want to have to use a lab for dentures and crowns and bridges that will send your teeth away for repair. Same day denture repair is what you need, and many labs will offer an immediate repair service. If your dentures can be repaired in one day however will depend on what is wrong with them. This is something you must take into consideration.

Same Day Denture Repair

Same Day Denture Repair In Bristol

Looking after your dentures will prevent them from breaking. But accidents do happen, and often when you least expect them. Say your dentures break on a friday lunchtime but you don’t have time to get to the dentist before it shuts. Then you will be all weekend without your teeth. What you need is a reputable local dentist that works with a local lab that offers out of hours repairs.

Avoid buying denture repair kits from a supermarket or chemist. These kits can do more harm than good. A dentist or your dental lab direct will decide what needs to be done to fix your dentures, and if indeed they can be fixed. If your dentures just have a chip in them, this can often be repaired on the spot. If the plate has broken into two pieces due to being dropped then you will need new dentures. This will not take as long as it did the first time round if your dentist has recent impressions from when you had your dentures fitted.

Repair Versus New Dentures or Other Treatments

Our mouths are constantly changing shape, and dentures that used to fit well may now be loose. This does not necessarily mean that they are broken. It may mean that you need new dentures to accommodate your mouth correctly. If your dentures break after you have had them some years, same day denture repair may not be the best option for you. A new set of dentures or a crown and bridge treatment may be preferable.

As a partial denture wearer, you may be able to say goodbye to wearing false teeth for good. As long as you have some healthy teeth a bridge can be fitted to bridge gaps in your smile. If your adjoining teeth are in poor health they can be crowned or alternatively you could opt for an implant bridge, using two implants and a standard bridge. Nowadays there are so many more ways to recreate your smile without the need for false teeth. So, ask your dentist today.