Partial Dentures Cost for Simple and Complex False Teeth

Wearing false teeth doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all your natural teeth. Partial dentures are a good option when you have a few teeth missing, too many to use a crown and bridge treatment. Partial dentures cost varies, depending on whether you go private or use an NHS dentist, and what other work needs doing. In this article we are going to look at the price of dentures, based on simple and complex designs.

partial dentures cost

Partial Dentures Cost : Simple Denture Design

When you have minimal tooth loss and only a simple denture design is required you can expect to pay upwards of 400 pounds for your false teeth from a private dentist that works in conjunction with a reputable dental lab. To keep the cost down you should have a good number of healthy teeth that will help keep your partial in place. The simplest of designs is suitable for normal bite types as well as your average jaw movements. So, if you only have a few teeth missing and don’t want implants, you can keep the cost of your new teeth down to a relatively low figure.

Advanced Tooth Loss or Jawbone Shrinkage

The more complex your dental problems the more your dentures will cost. If you have fewer remaining teeth or they are awkwardly positioned, expect to pay upwards of 500 pounds for your new teeth. The price you pay will rise when your dentures are needed to cover whole sections of your mouth. The more time you are at the dentist and the more work carried out by the lab, the more elevated the partial dentures cost will be. The more awkward your bite type, the more your dentures will cost.

Complex Dentures

When complex denture design is required for your false teeth you could pay upwards of 600 pounds. The price you pay will rise further if alterations are made to your remaining teeth in order to secure your false teeth in place. This price will rise further when crowns are required to restore remaining and adjoining teeth. This type of treatment requires extensive amounts of lab work. The most expensive partial dentures cost is observed when your remaining natural teeth are unhealthy and a lot of reconstruction work is required.

Partial dentures are an economically viable alternative to implants for many people. However, it may work out less expensive to remove all unhealthy teeth and opt for full dentures. This should be a last resort when you are unable to afford crown treatments to preserve


When opting for partial dentures it is always best to discuss all your options with your dentist. He will be able to tell you which treatment will be best for you and your oral health. Where at all possible, crown and bridge work will be encouraged. This is due to the fact that wearing false teeth is not ideal. Crown and bridge treatments give you the freedom to eat whatever you want and to have a smile that really looks like your own. If you need partial dentures, modern technology will however ensure that your false teeth resemble your remaining teeth as much as possible.