Dental Crown Dentist : For A Smile to Be Proud Of

To feel confident and happy in life you need to be able to smile without feeling self-conscious. If you have rotten or discoloured teeth than this can be hard to do. Asides the fact that you won’t like the way your smile looks, you could also be in pain. So, a trip to your dentist crown dentist is what is in order. Here your dental professional will discuss with you the treatments available to you from your local dental lab that will put a smile back on your face.

So, if you have cracked or broken teeth, they may still be able to be saved. Even if you are in pain. Depending on the size of the cavity, a root canal treatment may be necessary. This will remove the nerve from the tooth, leaving you pain free. But it will also leave you with a tooth that needs reconstructing. This is done by making and fitting a crown that will be placed over the top of the tooth.

Dental Crown Dentist

Dental Crown Dentist : The Process

If a tooth can be saved it is always preferable over an extraction. Remember that once you have a tooth removed, it will never grow back. Killing the nerve of your tooth and crowning it is a common procedure from your dental crown dentist and it can be used in conjunction with a bridge treatment or instead of dentures. In today’s modern world dentures really should be the last option, implants allowing a better way to restore your smile.

But let’s not talk about implants here, as we are working on the assumption that the tooth in question does not need to be removed. What will happen though is that it will be filed down and made a lot smaller. This is of course an irreversible process, but one that is necessary for the fitting of the crown. Crowns on teeth can also be used for bridges, the abutment teeth needing to be in a good state of health.

So, once the tooth has been filed down impressions will be made. These are sent away to your local lab where your crown will be made. In order to protect the tooth while your crown is being made, a temporary filling will be placed over the tooth. This will stop any possible infection, most especially if you have had a root canal treatment.

Living With Crowns and Bridges

Once you have your crowns fitted, they should feel like natural teeth. This is one of the advantages of crowns over wearing false teeth. Even when you have both crowns and a bridge fitted, you should be able to eat and chew in the same way you can with natural teeth.

So if you are ashamed of your smile or are aware of the fact that you have decaying teeth, it’s time that you booked an appointment as your dental crown dentist. Here all the possibilities will be explored and the best solutions will be offered for your teeth and your overall smile.