Bristol Dental Laboratory : For Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, and More

When you visit the dentist, you won’t see behind the scenes. You may have x-rays taken or impressions of your teeth taken. But where do these go? To you local Bristol dental laboratory. Behind the scenes of every dentist is a lab that works hard, sometimes round the clock, to provide you with your dental needs. Unless your visit to the dentist is for a simple filling, a lab will most likely be involved. Common services provides by your lab are crown and bridge treatments, dentures and their repairs, and implants.

Bristol Dental Laboratory

Bristol Dental Laboratory : Why Stay Local

When you are in search of a dentist for your family, it is not just the dental practice that you should be checking out. You should also be investigating the lab that they work with and its reputation. Avoid dentists that send away your impressions have way around the country, or even abroad. A good dentist will work closely with a local dental lab. This way the service you receive will be quicker and more professional. Many dentists will have thei very own lab attached to the premise, many working out of hours for emergency dental repair and more.


It is also important to ensure that the dental lab used by your dentist has all the services you need. Some labs will work with crown and bridge treatments, others will concencrate on aesthetic treatments only. Some can provide an out of hours service for denture repair, and other will send away dentures. As a denture wearer, you don’t want to be stuck with no teeth for a few teeth. So, choose a lab that offers emergency repairs.

It is also important to check that the dentist and lab will work with your insurance provider, should you have one. In the UK there are three main options when visiting the dentist. Firstly, the NHS. A good choice, but often with long waiting lists. Private dentists are your other choice, and here you may choose to pay everything at each visit or to take out a dental insurance policy.

Dental insurance policies are a good idea if you will be visiting the dentist a lot. One case where this would be common would be for your childs’ braces. Braces need adjusting over time, and on average your child will wear braces for at least a couple of years. This can become very expensive if you don’t have any dental insurance.


Your local Bristol dental laboratory should be able to provide you with everything you need for your dental treatments. As a family ensure that both your dentist and lab deal with child’s dentistry and treatments such as braces. As an adult and a denture wearer, make sure you have a denture repair service on offer should you need it at any time. Choosing a dentist is not a choice you should make with haste. Do some background research, ask for certifications and accreditaitons, and most importantly, check which Bristol dental laboratory they work with.