Emergency Denture Repairs: Why Act Quickly

Emergency denture repairs are necessary when your denture or partial has become broken or cracked, and cannot be worn. However, sometimes a denture or partial may start to break or crack and people make the mistake of continuing to wear it until the problem progresses. This is a grave mistake to make, and the wearing of dentures that are not correctly fitting can cause pain, rubbing on the gums, and lead to infection very quickly. Below is some advice from on how to treat denture repairs correctly.

As a wearer of dentures, you will take all the necessary steps to ensure that you look after your false teeth properly. This means ensuring that you take them out, clean them regularly, and store them away from your children or pets when you are not wearing them. Accidents do happen though, and dropping your dentures in a hard sink can cause them to break or crack.

emergency denture repairs

Part of your denture care should involve examining your dentures when you take them out to clean them at the end of the day or after meals during the day. Generally, dentures can be worn all day with no problem, but getting food stuck in them can mean having to take them out during the day. When you take your dentures out, ensure they look intact, and that there are no signs of chipping or cracking. You can normally tell if something is amiss with your dentures as they won’t feel normal when you wear them. If your dentures used to fit perfectly and comfortably, and you now notice that they rub or don’t fit smoothly, it is time to take them to your emergency denture repairs specialists.

Over time, your dentures may feel loose, or they may start to fall out if you are lucky enough to be a denture wearer who does not require adhesive for their false teeth. Natural changes in the mouth can lead to dentures becoming loose, and over time denture wearing can lead to the receding of gums. These types of problems can be controlled by regular trips to your dentist. For emergency problems such as broken dentures, your emergency denture repair specialists should be your first port of call.

Check with your dentist to see if they offer an emergency denture repair service, and if they are unable to provide you with this service, it is important that you find a laboratory nearby who can take care of this work. It is always preferable to use the same dentist for your denture repairs as for your normal check-ups, so locating a dentist that can offer you an integral service is always the best idea.

If you notice that your dentures feel different than normal, take them out and check them. Dentures that rub of do not fit comfortably may be damaged. Even if you cannot see any visible problems with your false teeth, visit your Portishead dentist to have them checked over. Looking after your false teeth should be as important to you as looking after your natural teeth, and ignoring problems can lead to further problems in the same way that ignoring toothache or broken teeth can. Act quickly and you will save problems in the long run, as well as saving money and unnecessary pain.