Tooth Crown

Proper Care of Your Tooth Crown

A tooth crown or dental crown is a tooth-shaped crown placed over a damaged tooth to improve its appearance. This dental restoration procedure is best for deformed or broken tooth. However, a dental restoration is not just for aesthetic improvement but also to strengthen, protect, and save the damaged tooth, especially after a root canal. […]

Dental Bridges

The Facts about Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are excellent dental devices for so many varying reasons. Aside from better overall dental health, a dental bridge can dramatically modify the cosmetic aspect of your smile. The name itself explains it all. However, in the case that you are not up to date on the latest in dental health devices, here we […]

dental crowns

Guide to Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are caps that are shaped just like the natural teeth you already have. They are designed to cover teeth that have been broken or damaged and its goal is to not only bring the tooth to its normal size but also to return the tooth to its normal shape, strength and appearance. When […]

Emergency Denture Repair Service Basics

Those who wear dentures rely on them for a vast number of reasons. Dentures allow people to chew, effectively communicate and smile brightly. Although dentures are considered to be an investment, a person’s overall dental health and self-esteem are well worth the cost. For this reason, proper denture care is fundamental. When dentures are taken […]

dental studio

Chew Valley Dental Studio

Caring for your dental hygiene should always be a priority, although some people were born with better teeth than others. Those who are not blessed with perfectly healthy teeth may need to pay several visits to a dentist throughout their life. Finding the best dentist is a quite difficult task, but usually reputable clinics are […]